Dr. William A. Palmer

Palmer Medical Hypnosis will focus its efforts in assisting patients with acute and chronic illness, pain management, weight loss, addictions and the aging process. Hypnosis, however, has a lot of other uses and can be helpful in a wide variety of circumstances.

Dr. Palmer graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina. After internship and the service, he practiced at the Mennonite Hospital in Puerto Rico, and continued a small town practice in General Medicine in Hawaii on the Big Island. He has been married since medical school and has two daughters and a granddaughter. He is also a survivor from advanced throat cancer. With his throat cancer, he was able to use self-hypnosis to control pain, which helped him eat and avoid a stomach tube. He has lived in Roseburg for the past six years.

While he was in practice, he became interested in alternative methods of medical treatment especially hypnotherapy. He has been educated in the field of hypnotherapy from such well known professionals as Jeffrey K. Zeig, and Steven Gilligan. He holds diplomas as a Master Practitioner of NLP and from the Stillman Institute in Santa Clara, CA., a diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy. Dr. Palmer just returned from a successful three-week intensive course at the Milton H. Erickson Foundation ,in Phoenix, AZ. The program was designed around the most modern principles and applications in the field.

When contacted for a reference Jeffrey K. Zeig, PHD says, “In my professional opinion as founder and director of the Milton H. Erickson Foundation William displayed an exceptional understanding of the material.” He goes on to say “This was a refresher course for him because of his previous experience successfully hypnotizing and treating patients in his professional career as a medical doctor”

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