Overcome personal struggle and obstacles so you can truly live a pain free and balanced life.

If you have landed on my site, I expect you might be struggling with life. Often what impacts our lives today are events that have occurred in our past.

Let me help you identify your past traumas and finally free yourself of having to carry that heavy burden. 

All of us will face loss, pain and trauma in life.  While there are natural processes to help us to deal with such events, hypnotherapy is a proven method to help those natural processes along. 

Trauma is well documented in being the underlying cause of physical pain, medical problems, sexual and relationship issues.

I will provide you with the tools you need to maintain long term and permanent change.

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About Us

Dr. Palmer is a graduate of the Medical University of South Carolina.  Completing his training with philanthropic goals in both the Panama Canal Zone and the island of Puerto Rico.  He later ran a successful medical practice on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

He has decades of education and experience in mental health and the healing methods of hypnotherapy. He has been educated in the field of hypnotherapy from such well known professionals as Jeffrey K. Zeig, PHD and Steven Gilligan, PHD. He holds diplomas as a Master Practitioner of NLP and a diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy from the Stillman Institute in Santa Clara, CA.

“In my professional opinion as founder and director of the Milton H. Erickson Foundation William displayed an exceptional understanding of the material.” He goes on to say “This was a refresher course for him because of his previous experience successfully hypnotizing and treating patients in his professional career as a medical doctor” – Jeffry K. Zeig, PHD

What to Expect

This is not what you see on TV where you will be entirely unaware of your surroundings and wake up clucking like a chicken.  You will be awake and aware during the entire session, but you will be in a very relaxed and suggestible state. 

Clients can expect focused personal attention for their treatment and support.