The first session is essentially one where we get to know each other, a meet and greet, and to determine whether or not trance is useful for you and your problem. Each trance is customized for the individual. There is not any charge for this. This will take an hour more or less.

Sessions after that will run a $150.00 a session and may last up to two hours. There will be no charge if a client is not able to go into a satisfactory trance.

Emergencies are $300.00 and done under only dire circumstances.
It is important to know that I do not practice medicine or psychology. If you need these services you must contact your local providers

Acute and Chronic Illness
Hypnosis has been hyped as a cure for almost anything and also been criticized as worthless. The truth as usual lies between these two extremes. Many people can be given relief from a wide range of symptoms or illness with hypnosis. Numerous studies have confirmed this.

Headaches, back pain, neck pain, childbirth, dental pain and the pain from serious life threatening illnesses like cancer are classic indications for hypnosis.

Instinctual Issues
These include the survival, sexual and social issues.
Unfortunately our early programming can cause major problems in these areas. Hypnosis can actually serve to dehypnotize us from the past and free us to operate more naturally as human beings. Almost all of us have problems in at least one of these areas.

The most common reason people come to me. Even if over eating is maybe the easiest to treat, all habits can be helped by hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation, which makes the treatment of anxiety relatively easy. Frequently anxiety serves a useful function such as motivation or alertness and it is necessary to preserve these positive qualities.

Life Changes
This is another common reason for hypnosis and is my personal favorite. Learn to enjoy life. It is a precious gift.

There are a wide variety of applications and I only have room to mention a few. If you wish to improve on something that you already do but wish to do it better like sports, sales, public speaking you could benefit from hypnosis. Hypnosis is used for more extreme problems such as PTSD and wide variety of psychological problems as well.

I am not a psychologist and I do not do counseling.